maakies stained glass

OK, so click the image again so it's big enough to read.

OK, so click the image again so it’s big enough to read.

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8 Responses to maakies stained glass

  1. Jeff B says:

    Looks like you had some serious inking to do on that last frame there Tony

  2. John says:

    That deserves a full colour version.

  3. John M. says:

    Aw, it’s warm because I love you! That’s so heart, um… warming.

  4. Terrence Schaefer says:

    As the song says “let’s go through the windscreen together”….that’s where Uncle Gabby went off track.

  5. joe says:

    this is a masterpiece

  6. NY Waste says:

    New York Waste LOVES Maakies!!!!

  7. EricF says:

    It is interesting that Uncle Gabby’s crash appears to be totally unrelated to alcohol consumption.

  8. dookdookdook11 says:

    Every night when I pick up after my dog, I think of this with a smile……

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