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Not another Maakies?????


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BATMAN! Someone has posted (in large format if you click it)

Tweet…the two Batman 8 pagers I did with Chip Kidd and the IRON MAN 6 pager I did for Marvel. Colors by Jim Campbell, the very talented cartoonist. You got to scroll down a bit to get to them.

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TweetIf anybody has heard of Metallic Meatloaf, please let me know. He was a hippie on roller skates in kind of a Jules Feiffer style. It was in the margins of a college paper I found under my dad’s Whole … Continue reading

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Drinky Crow’s first published appearance 1993

TweetOK I put up a much larger version. I have to click it twice on my gizmo.

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Any of you New Yorkers remember Arthur Freidel?

Tweet Old man who used to hang around at the Ship’s Mast in Williamsburgh. Once he was at my house talking. I was so bored I went to work in the other room. I put a tape on. He talked … Continue reading

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Maakies May 10

TweetClick larger This is what happens when you decide to redraw a comic you tried to draw last week, when you were too drunk. Video of Dr. Heinrich Dubel on Helicopters in War:

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They say I need to “get a RSS feed up in that fucker.” What do they mean?


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Bought this beautiful Wurlitzer accordion. It barely works. Just enough for my one song, “Marion’s Bicycle.”


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Why it is bad to drink too much when you have responsibilities.

TweetI drank a few Buds, sat down and pencilled this lovely comic, (the pencils were quite nice, exaggerated but not clownish, well spotted blacks etc.) Then I decided, OK! The pencils are done, here comes the easy part. I drank … Continue reading

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