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7 Responses to YOUNG DARWIN MAAKIES!!!

  1. that1guy says:

    Wrong. Very wrong. Guess that’s why it’s so right….

  2. Kevin Joyce says:

    Thank you for not actually drawing that.

  3. jwbalsley says:

    Good old Darwin, I once saw a great exhibition of his life and work at the Chicago Field Museum a several ago. It’s really amazing how he was such a genius with the power of observation, as this strip clearly demonstrates. Quality jokes and gags!

  4. jwbalsley says:

    Several years ago I meant to say..too much wine!

  5. J.P. Doucet says:

    I wonder if the creationists will use this in their efforts to debunk Darwin.

  6. Paul Wilson says:

    And Capt. Maak is too smashed to contribute to the discussion ! It’s like Thurber’s trouble with the microscope: after some fiddling with the mirror,the focus , et al, he managed to see and draw – his own eye !

    I think it was apocryphal, like his being called so many times to be examined by the army induction medics, that he became an unofficial member of the staff !

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