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10 Responses to Marvell MAAKIES

  1. Nic Farra says:

    Had we but world enough and a time machine, I too would blow the motherfucker’s brains out. Then at least I wouldn’t have had to put up with slavering lectures by a lecturerer whose development got arrested and thrown in the brig sometime at age fourteen.

  2. Matt Osborne says:

    This is a punchline that makes sense. Very funny.

  3. gruff says:

    Marvell juxtaposes melons and feet a second time, in his poem “Bermudas”:

  4. marzipan kugel ober says:

    today i shit blood. a pimple in my butt makes it happen.
    and i smell smoke. an unopened window keeps the air outside.
    my head feels like shit and my heart feels like a head.
    but der millionär machts leben weniger schwär.
    i think i’ll go outside and punch everyone who speaks peotry.

  5. jwbalsley says:

    Romantic poetry and comics will forever be wed.

  6. John M. says:

    I thought this cartoon was going to be about custard.

  7. Arian M. says:

    It’s been three days since I saw Gabby smear grapes on his face and I’m still laughing… thanks Tony :-)

  8. Lazalo LaMarr says:

    WOW! Will he be uncle cyclops now?

  9. NMmatt says:

    “Today, I inflicted my self loathing onto him…”

    I love it!

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