From LA WEEKLY when they used to like comics…

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  1. SF says:

    Well I still like comics, especially this one. It’s my longtime favorite, right up there with your “Constellation” comic from untold years ago. And now finally I’ve got it sans the yellowing paper or reversed text peering through from the backside, my thanks to you. But…you wouldn’t happen to be peddling a hi-res file or, better yet, prints of this, would you?

  2. jwbalsley says:

    It sucks they don’t have comics like this anymore in the paper. I would though, very much like to visit that observatory some day.

    I also must say I too believe the problem with a lot of architecture as well as “fine” art these days is that it THINKS too much, the intellectual over the creativity in a way, but that’s just me.

  3. Wildcat says:

    This is outstanding. :D

  4. Jpeedee says:

    Seeing this comic reminded me that long ago I bought the issue (and only) issue of a comicbook called The Griffith Observatory by Bill Griffith, the creator of Zippy the Pinhead. Strange as he lived in San Francisco at the time…

    • Jpeedee says:

      Hmm – “I bought the issue (and only) issue ” should say I bought the first (and only) issue of said G.O. comic book. Followed Zippy for years, though recently Mr. G. has been spewing out a lot of uninteresting strips of pinheadland/town Dingburg.

  5. Bob Andelman says:

    Comic strip fans might also enjoy this Mr. Media video interview with Zippy the Pinhead cartoonist Bill Griffith! It is an hour, one of the longest Mr. Media interviews ever. And I felt like we could easily have kept on talking!

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