Here’s a funny interview I did on a podcast called Tom Waters: Big Words I Know By Heart.
They woke me up in the morning (I work late and sleep late) but I had a good time.

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4 Responses to I WAS WAKENED BY RAGE

  1. itza says:

    Great interview, even if those guys are typical radio boobs. You should have your own radio show (or podcast, whatever) – I could listen to your stories all day!

  2. jwbalsley says:

    That was pretty fun, it was cool to hear your stories and personal tales.

    “Fucking Republicans!” ha ha!

  3. Bristow says:

    That was cool. More like a bar or party conversation than a radio interview. Sounds like you were having a good time.
    I’d like to hear more, soooo… I’ll call you tomorrow around… say 11?

  4. You are a funny guy. I chuckled a bunch

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