“Tony, this is for a real Popeye comic, not to impress our drunken hipster friends.” I re-did the drawing, my kids like the new one much better.
11″ x 12″

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  1. Bristow says:

    Ha! Whose kind words are those?

  2. Todd Alcott says:

    Obviously, the stumbling block here is the definition of “real Popeye comic.”

  3. pyrofoodiak says:

    his face looks like a stubby cock with huge balls.

  4. TonyMillion says:

    The editor was absolutely right, this drawing was just so much fun when I started it, I lost my mind.

  5. Jeff says:

    Tony, I think this could be used as a Public Service announcement on the dangers of eating tainted spinach.

  6. Brandt says:

    He looks like some sort of feral half-wit, driven to the edges of the town for belligerent behavior. This is Popeye on the down-slope, raving of the duplicity of women (Olive’s already run off with Bluto and Swee’ Pea (whose kid was he anyway?)) and eating spinach just so he has the RDA for fiber enough so that he can hit the bottle again at night.

  7. granolafication says:

    what a surly bastard. no wonder you enjoyed this!

  8. Sittingmoose Shaman says:

    - suffering from vitamin B-6 and B-12
    complex deficiency…
    From eating all that spinach!
    He’s a sailor who should be eating
    seafood regularly.
    Popeye…the manic depressive.
    Constantly mumbling and punching
    people out.
    A sad shame, kiddies…
    A sad shame.

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