Brooklyn 1990 or so.

John Santana, Tony Millionaire, Dougie Morgan triple birthday party.
Photo by the resplendent artist Ted Barron:

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7 Responses to Brooklyn 1990 or so.

  1. M Otis Beard says:

    One is always pleasantly surprised with Mr. Millionaire’s extraordinarily tasteful attire.

  2. Craig says:

    That guy in the middle is scary as hell looking!

  3. Darren says:


    • Goofy Gorilla says:

      “Hello, I am Tony Millionaire and this is John Santana and Dougie Morgan. I have drawn and am now displaying a picture of the same for the purposes of a photograph.”

  4. Kelly Vance says:

    Santana: “These portraits are fine, I’ll make them mine!” Millionaire: ‘Ha ha! Little does he know a demon drew them!’ Morgan: ‘After this photo I going to get some pussy’.

  5. jwbalsley says:

    You look like some kind of post apocalyptic pirate of some kind, and I mean that in the best way possible!

  6. biff says:

    Is that a drinking horn

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