My Grammy Priscilla Parsons

My Grammy was born in 1901. She was a great portrait painter in watercolor. My mom describes the photo:
“I’m pretty sure she was in art school, since it says it’s an art school ball, so that would make it during the early 20s. She told me she was a flapper. That’s basically what they called young girls back then in that era. She said the reason they were called flappers was because it was the style to wear large galoshes (boots with flaps) and they never fastened them so they flapped. The young women were very different from earlier teenagers, like her sister. They wore short dresses, no corsets, bound their breasts so they looked boyish and “bobbed” their hair. It was quite shocking for the times.

That dress she’s wearing was supposed to make her look like an icicle with all that drippy stuff. That’s why the word “shivers” is under her picture. She gave a different name to the paper because she was afraid her father would object. “Collison” is the name and that’s why it’s crossed out and her name written over it.”

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3 Responses to My Grammy Priscilla Parsons

  1. HH says:

    Hey, She is hot. I guess I could never date her though. She would always, Be giving me the Cold Shoulder. (If I could post a picture on the is site. It would be two legs on the floor with a Plop!, right here)

  2. Olentzero says:

    Hey, I had a 1920s art school grandma too! Some place called Veesper George in Massachusetts, I think. I still have her “Drawing with Pen and Ink” book somewhere, and my sister has one of her works (a copy from the aforementioned book).

    Art school grandmas rule!

  3. Zack Mieth says:

    Such beauty.

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