Let’s talk about Paul Wilson.

What a fucking asshole!

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24 Responses to Let’s talk about Paul Wilson.

  1. TonyMillion says:

    I really hate that guy.

  2. MRNUTTY says:

    I’m glad you brought it up; hate’s too good for him.

  3. leo from chicago says:

    WTF you talkin’ ’bout?

  4. Bristow says:

    Isn’t he the guy who was abducted by aliens in search of intelligent life forms and swiftly returned?

  5. Will Paulson says:

    Paul Wilson = Deserving of an Anal Fistula

  6. HH says:

    I think Wilson is the Debil.

  7. Supernymous says:

    Paul Wilson may refer to:
    F. Paul Wilson (born 1946), American science fiction and horror author
    R. Paul Wilson, sleight of hand expert
    Paul Wilson (baseball), pitcher in Major League Baseball
    Paul Wilson (meditation teacher), author of The Little Book of Calm, The Quiet, etc.
    Paul Wilson (cricketer), Australian cricketer
    Paul Wilson (criminologist), Australian criminologist
    Paul Wilson (decathlete), New Zealand decathlete, see National champions Decathlon (men)
    Paul Wilson (pole vaulter), former pole vault world record holder
    Paul Wilson (Scottish footballer), Scotland international footballer
    Paul Wilson (English footballer) (born 1968), English former footballer
    Paul Wilson (footballer born 1977), English former footballer for Gillingham F.C.
    Paul Wilson (music theorist), American music theorist and professor
    Paul Wilson (musician), bassist for the rock band Snow Patrol
    Paul Wilson (translator), Canadian guitarist and vocalist, member of Plastic People of the Universe in 1970-1972
    Paul Wilson, Baron Wilson of High Wray (1908–1980), British engineer, Lord Lieutenant, and governor of the BBC
    Paul Wilson, original baritone vocalist from The Flamingos
    Paul Wilson, member of the Absolute (production team) and song writer
    Paul Wilson (sailor), winner of the 2010 Clifford Day Mallory Cup
    See also:
    Paul Willson, actor

    In short: probably, yes!

    • Nic Farra says:

      I’d like to see R. Paul Wilson, sleight of hand expert vs Paul Wilson, Baron Wilson of High Wray (1908–1980), British engineer, Lord Lieutenant, and governor of the BBC in a thirty round bare-knuckle fight.

      • Paul Wilson says:

        Sports events generally have a running commentary by an announcer like the famous Mel Allen. In this hypothetical case, viewers are going to have a hard time keeping track on who was doing such & such to whom.

    • Paul Wilson says:

      I am not any of these people, tho I do like F.Paul Wilson’s “The Keep”. I am getting to dislike sequels, tho. Should I publish my fan-fics, it would be under a pen-name: Paul Randall.

  8. edent says:

    I read that Paul Wilson is the ring-leader of a system of underground bootleg comic book sweatshops.

    If you need proof, check out this bootleg Maakies that has just surfaced:

    The Horror!

  9. Steve says:

    I agree with the famous comics guy so I can be awesome too

  10. Paul Wilson says:

    Mr. Millionaire has been on my case because I took on both him AND Kaz in some comment I made long ago.

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