MAAKIES Shipwreck

Ask your local weekly to run Maakies.

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10 Responses to MAAKIES Shipwreck

  1. Stodge Rimperton says:

    Notice that in order to signify poverty and starvation, Gabby has to wear ragged pants.

  2. Richard says:

    Poor ole Slappy McGee. Cut down in his prime before we got to know him well enough to truly hate his terrible act.

  3. james says:

    I’ll confess that I had to read this 3 times before I “got” it. Gabby milks the monkey instead of the cow, which is why the Captain thinks it tastes horrible, right? It just wasn’t at all clear to me what was going on in the third panel… plus the skeletonized fish appearing in both the first and last panels confused me. (also: is “Shum-a-rum-tum” the industry-standard sound-effect for milking a monkey? it should be.)

    Frankly, I’m surprised that the usually unabashed Tony Millionaire shied away from drawing the monkey-milking itself. There’s also the potential for an easy masturbation joke with the phrase “milking the monkey,” but I’m far more concerned by the philosophical questions engendered by a pants-wearing monkey milking a “wild” monkey; it’s like the classic Pluto / Goofy debate, but with added Colonial implications.

    • TonyMillion says:

      Maakies takes a little work to read.

      • james says:

        that’s one of the things I like about it, actually! though this is the first time I’ve had to put down a strip and come back to it later before I got it — maybe my brain was just running slow this week.

  4. Andrew Wragg says:

    Let’s get the Maakies critique weekend off with a bang… I liked the monkey titty!

  5. poop says:

    So cool comic! I want to have sexx with you Slappy McGee!
    your so sexy!

  6. jwbalsley says:

    I think they gave us Monkey Milk in high school, no wonder I was always nauseous. Great comic!

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