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11 Responses to MAAKIES RATS

  1. Brandt says:

    “Look what they did to Lenny!”

  2. Dr. O says:

    Perfect harmony. Uncle Gabby’s irritated frustration is matched by Drinky Crow’s intoxicated inspiration.

  3. gruff says:

    it says “IDEA” over the light bulb hahahahahaha

    although I am shocked to learn that Drinky Crow can write

  4. Nic Farra says:

    Fly Life warms the cockles it does. More! More!

  5. jpdoucet says:

    I was laughing when I first saw this and my wife asked what was so funny. Showed her explaining that the humor is perhaps a bit juvenile. She replied, “Most comics are, but this one is very well drawn…”

    We especially got a kick out of the fly bit as we are both vegetarians these days.


  6. BenDover says:

    The “100W” on the lightbulb is a lovely touch and the attention to detail I’ve come to expect from a high-caliber funnyman such as yourself.

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