SEXY MAAKIES written by Becky Thyre

Please click to make the comic strip large enough to read.

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12 Responses to SEXY MAAKIES written by Becky Thyre

  1. gruff says:

    The bird’s eye-bags are as large as breasts.

  2. Rick says:

    That first panel is beautiful!

  3. Kevin Joyce says:

    To-day’s Maakies is beautiful. More night-scenes, please!

    The bottom strip is funny, too.

  4. Bristow says:

    Excellent use of the light from the moon. Softly glowing over the harbor, glistening off the tips of the gently rippling waves, serenely lighting the romantic mood of the ships underbelly. Why, I can hear the waves slapping off the sides of the boat…
    What?! That’s not the waves making that slapping sound?

  5. pineygrrl says:

    Drinky Crow is coming on in 13 minutes. Adult Swimmy is carried on ch. 66 and 126 in my area of NJ. AS has been running Drinky all this week at 4 am. The animation is just gorgeous.

  6. pineygrrl says:

    I like the girly voice of Captains Daughter. Spy Deboursay voice is too masculine. But I wish they had eyeballs. So the spy has pretty eyes but rough voice, Captains dtr has yukky eyeballs but cool voice. Go figure.

  7. Rudra says:

    Tony, is the building on the shore modeled on any particular structure?

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