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41 Responses to HITCH HIKE MAAKIES….A true story.

  1. Darren says:

    Tony – As your missing front teeth have been well documented in your strips, it would be interesting to know the back story. I will guess it had something to do with drunkeness and falling. Or, maybe a vicious bar brawl. Close?

  2. granolafication says:

    kids like stoner food. Wonder if they’d like “slopperoni and peas.”

  3. Jwbalsley says:

    Great comic and life story! Was hitchhiking a lot more common back then, perhaps safer?

    PS. Soon the toilet will be clogged with wonder stool.

    • TonyMillion says:

      Yeah, I hitch-hiked everywhere. It was easy to get a ride. I thumbed to school every day, I hated the bus. It was reliable transportation till the late 70s.

  4. chelydra says:

    Sorry, but I’ll take a raincheck on your lasagna recipe. At least it sounds better than the Ballpark lasagna a former coworker once told me about.
    BTW, thanks for sharing that disturbing story from your past.

    • TonyMillion says:

      How do you make ballpark lasagna?

    • TonyMillion says:

      My mommy’s Quick Pizza: English muffin, toast it a little, add spaghetti sauce and a slice of provolone or cheddar. Toaster oven till browned. Sometimes the cheese slides off and burns your chin.

    • TonyMillion says:

      Tonight I made a most excellent lasagna for my mother-in-law. No non-boil noodles. I boiled them, they had curly edges.

  5. Bristow says:

    Love the ‘True Story Guarantee’.

  6. Olentzero says:

    Dude had a hankerin’ for some sweet man-lovin’ and knew how he wanted to get it. Hilariously disturbing. This one’s been burned into my brain all weekend.

  7. Pineygrrl says:

    Almost the same thing happened to my brother in the early ’70′s, he used to hitch everywhere up in north Jersey—only his story involved multiple dudes who kicked his ass but good after he declined their amorous advances.
    Loved the Wonder Lasagna recipe-it could have come straight out of “The Treasury of White Trash Cooking” by EM Mickler–one of the greatest books ever written! I want that Ballpark recipe!

  8. Nic Farra says:

    I was picked up once by a gay chicken farmer on my way to an audition in the early eighties. He got nuttin’ from me, but I saw him twice more that day with different hitch-hikers, neglecting his chickens.

  9. Robin Christopher says:

    A very similar thing happened to me while hitching through fairly remote central British Columbia in 1996, but he also told me about some young guys he knew who were in jail (I didn’t ask for what) and tried to get me to let him read my palm while he was driving- I declined. When I didn’t play into it (“I can’t see the tree you’re describing. I can’t see it.”) and just played it cool, he made up a fictitious destination off the highway, turned off at some road-to-nowhere a while later and let me out.

    How did your adventure end? (I mean that particular one, not your Grand Adventure.)

  10. I will definitely enter the contest after the next time I go grocery shopping. I have none of these ingredients right now.

  11. xsus says:

    I got picked up by a dwarf wearing an old timey sailor suit once.

  12. ricky says:

    I used to hitch hike all the time when I was younger. Go to the next town up to try and hook up with girls that didn’t think you were a fucking dork.

    • TonyMillion says:

      Yeah, that’s the trick. We used to hitch up to Beverly Farms for the bars full of private girl school girls.

  13. Hitchhiked from the only traffic control in 150 miles on Mississippi “79 Highway”, between Meridian and Tupelo; rode 30 miles in 1951 Mack, sans floor or muffler, trailer was halved tanker full of manure. Driver yelled at me the whole way, never understood a SINGLE WORD. Got along famously.

    • TonyMillion says:

      I have had similar experiences with truckers. I thumbed from Gloucester Mass to San Francisco, to LA, to Florida and then home.

  14. Zack Mieth says:

    I got solicited for sex once while walking around in down town Austin, Tx at night. Some bald fatty… driving a big, black truck was pulled over along the road and SERIOUSLY tried to offer me a blowjob. :<

    I was just like, "No, I'm not gay. Dude." And his reply to this is, " You don't have to be gay to get a blow job."

    This happened around 3:00-4:00 AM. I was heading to a bus stop, after having gotten lost while trying to get to said bus stop, after a College Co-Op theme party…. The theme was Alice in Wonderland, with lots of techno and dark lights.

    I said he was coming off as a rapist and told him to piss off. I see him driving around again 5-10 minutes later with some Asian dude in his car. Looked like a college kid. Wierd shit, yo.

  15. pencilears says:

    this guy is a spambot.

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