WINNERS of the Wonder Lasagna contest!!!

Click the comic strip to make it big enough to read.

First place goes to…….

Mr. & Mrs. J. K. Honeywell!! They win a Maakies T-shirt, a Sock Monkey sticker, and an original drawing!!!!!

Second place goes to……

Jon Saulnier!!! He wins a T-shirt and a Sock Monkey sticker!!!

And Third Place goes to…..

PAUL WILSON, DESPISED UNIVERSALLY! He wins a Maakies T-shirt!! But since I hate him so much I’m going to wear the shirt for 4 days, sit on it nude while I draw a Maakies, and blow my nose in it.
Here is his entry, a marijuana lasagna made while he was in jail. The only ingredients were some toilet paper, soap, some toy hand-cuffs and a broken open and sprinkled marijuana cigarette.

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9 Responses to WINNERS of the Wonder Lasagna contest!!!

  1. gruff says:

    Wilson’s kissing that bottle like it was his horny grandmother.

  2. Kevin Joyce says:

    I’ve detected the taste of bananas when drinking Budweiser. Am I the only one?

  3. jon says:

    Since this Wilson is such deplorable, subhuman garbage can I have his t-shirt?

  4. KevinKunreuther says:

    Can I whizz on Wilson’s shirt? I drank lotsa’ Rheingold circa 1963 vintage, which I found in my Unka Andy’s deep freeze .

    • TonyMillion says:

      Not bad. lots of vegetables in your gravy. You should toast the bread and melt the cheese. You shouldn’t eat that shredded Lucerne garbage unless it’s melted.

  5. Hollister says:

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