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16 Responses to BACKBONE GABBY!

  1. jwbalsley says:

    I don’t know if this is true or not, but I’ve heard of really fat people flushing out their innards on airplanes as their fat creates a suction. I’ve also heard this can happen in swimming pools or hot tubes if you sit on a water vent. It’s a scary universe!

  2. pineygrrl says:

    Naw, ain’t got nothing to do with fat, all jesting aside. My husband was a bag of bones wrapped in skin when he had an anal prolapse. The terlet bowl was filled with bright scarlet blood. Fucking scary.

    • Eric says:

      Ugh, you made me search the Web for “anal prolapse”.

      • pineygrrl says:

        It IS disgusting. He called me into the bathroom saying “Do you think this is a problem?” The bowl looked like a gallon of scarlet red paint. I almost shit myself in shock.

        • TonyMillion says:

          Was it a problem?

          • jpdoucet says:

            Uh, according to some people, um, massive blood loss could be problematic.

            And yes I think Brandt has a good idea, maybe someone could “bootleg” it if you don’t use it…

          • TonyMillion says:

            I’ll do it!

          • jpdoucet says:

            In slasher movies, the victims who suffer suddenly rabid blood loss often scream loudly in fear of their lives. This also indicates that loss of said blood is a problem.

            Of course the victims in movies usually spurt fake blood and are not actually is distress.

            Quick do the brain cartoon to change the subject….

          • TonyMillion says:

            I drink a half gallon of V8 or Trader Joe’s V8 substitute every day. I love that stuff.

          • Pineygrrl says:

            Yes it was a problem. He had to get a mans finger up his ass because of my bitching. He had a real problem with that. End of story: I left him. Now he gets nagged by someone else. Problem solved for me.

  3. jpdoucet says:

    Yuck! the official designation is “Rectal prolapse”, for info see:

    Could not find anything about spinal column prolapse. This is probably a Good Thing…

  4. Brandt says:

    Okay, okay… enough with the rectal and the prolapse!
    What I want to know is where are the stories dealing with Uncle Gabby’s brain? I remember buying the “figurine” (hard “g,” see Nicholson, Jack.. “Goin’ South”) and marvelling at the weirdness of the detachable brain. I want a story where “Brainy” climbs out of a semi-comatose Gabby and lays the hurt on a churlish Drinks. Is that so much to ask? Sheesh! Rectal prolapse…

    • TonyMillion says:

      Well, the comic does not deal with the subject of rectal prolapse, it’s spinal prolapse, which is much more serious. But I would love to do a brain one next week if I can think of something. That brain should have his own show.

  5. Josh Carroll says:

    See it to the Chinese coolies. Twice-flushed spinal column is a delicacy in some provinces.

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