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6 Responses to MAAKIES FLY FLY

  1. jpdoucet says:

    Why flies fly – because something has to! I guess…
    Jeez what is this?

  2. jpdoucet says:

    Wait – it’s because the dirty footed saints were grounded!
    There, now it should all make sense!

  3. Convoluted Theory Time!

    Way back when, there was a hit TV sitcom called Roseanne. The young son in it was named “Tee-Jay”.

    2012 is a U.S. Federal election year and Roseanne Barr, star of said sitcom is running for the office of President under the Green Party banner.

    Crass conservatives often deride Green/enviro office seekers as “the Moonbeam candidates”, treehuggers (as if there was something wrong with that), etc…

    So in this strip we have a “Moon Genius” responding to plea to help endangered snails, being kind to kids, spouting treehuggery speeches, and then flitting off before apparently doing anything, with “Tee-Jay” mentioning something about having “Powers”.

    Is this political power? Is the strip a veiled/crypto endorsement of the Green candidate?

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