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25 Responses to MAAKIES O’BRIEN

  1. endevoo says:

    I’d just love to pin this to the corkboard at the entrance to the department of psychology at my university.

  2. biff says:

    every thing about this comic rings too true

  3. Davel says:

    Drinky Crow is dead?? Does this mean no more Drinky Crow comics???

    • TonyMillion says:

      Yes, the series is over. Drinky Crow has killed himself, tragically. Please find another comic strip to enjoy.
      Thank you,
      The staff at

      • Steve says:

        I suspect that Drinky Crow represents the author of this fine webcomic, and that this is therefore a cry for help.

        • TonyMillion says:

          Yes, it is a cry for help, for helping me to stave off these idiots and “helpers” who are always getting in the way of my great cartooning, and my mission of helping others who are downhearted, melancholic, and disillusioned. It is a cry for you to help these others to understand that there are armies of people in the world stuck in the depths of darkness, and to help them understand that things can and most likely will eventually be better and brighter for them. As Drinky Crow put it once, “There are two things you can do, you can look down or you can look up. So look up!”

        • TonyMillion says:

          Maakies is really nothing more than a big hug.

  4. M Otis Beard says:

    Ah, this is a good one!

    Unintended consequences: Scientologists will love it.

    • TonyMillion says:

      Why scientologists, Beard?

      • M Otis Beard says:

        Scientology is in direct competition with psychiatry, and they even operate a phony front organization called the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, which runs a weird museum in Hollywood called Psychiatry: An Industry of Death.

        • Pineygrrl says:

          Direct competition. No, I don’t think so. Sorry Beard that would imply sciendullogy had a fucking brain. Maybe indirectly and obtusely by a really really long shot.

  5. Pineygrrl says:

    Back in 1950 when the idiotic Dianetics was written by l.Ron buzzard, pyschiatrists rightly assigned this poorly written pseudo-scientific claptrap to the shitbox where it belonged. The dissed dingbat retooled his brain-dead maunderings into scientology and declared war on psychiatry forever and ever. His mindless minions carry the flag for their hero to this day. Tom cruise’s epic video demonstrates this mindset to the t.

  6. TonyMillion says:

    Can’t wait to see the SuperPacs anonymously tearing open a sack of Mormonism. Maybe the South Park play should be released as a film in October.

  7. Jwbalsley says:

    This comic always makes me happy

  8. Pineygrrl says:

    Yeah I love Mormonism. Twice the idiocy, none of the real life fucking.

  9. DavidB says:

    There is no bullet hole in the canvas.

  10. Fart Monster says:

    no wait, I want to buy this one. How?

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