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11 Responses to MAAKIES TAXI

  1. Luke says:

    Does only drinking only wine and beer make you less drunk? What did you drink before?

  2. Darren says:

    Is this the “life event” that deprived you of your upper central incisors?

  3. Dr. O says:

    Good story! Can’t help but wonder about the pizza.

  4. David Houston says:

    I am reminded of an ancient proverb from China, roughly translated “Drunks don’t get hurt when they fall off of carriages.”
    The meaning’s something like don’t struggle against circumstances. Anyone remember this better?

  5. Brandt says:

    Great story arc! We have the “special day,” brought in with celebrating of a rabid sort, but within the all-important “parameters.” We have an “adventure,” grounded upon those “parameters.” Finally, we have a “lesson learned.” Big Laugh!
    Beer adventure! Beer adventure!

    • Stephen Cavaseno says:

      Years ago I was going on a cruise so I decided to lose weight by giving up beer. I drank only wine instead. The cops found me in a ditch somewhere on the outskirts of New Jersey. And I didn’t lose a pound.

  6. Steve says:

    Who is the mysterious gentleman saying Maaakies in the first panel? Some prophet, perhaps, foretelling the future comic strip? ( or did it already exist by then? )

  7. Fart Monster says:

    I think the legend of tony millionaire is better celebrated by others. :/

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