Maakies Poetry Hour

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15 Responses to Maakies Poetry Hour

  1. M Otis Beard says:

    *sniff* <—-tear of joy.

  2. Gene says:

    Wow! Two of the reasons that I have come to adore your Maakies series are in this strip. Mr. Millionaire, though I guess I’m not the first or last person to ask you, how soon is a new book with these wonderful Maakies (or any other book) going to come out?

  3. NMmatt says:

    Brilliant. Really, really!!

  4. Steve says:

    Where’s the poem from? (Assuming ’twasn’t from the pen of Mr M. hisself)

  5. Cody Dean says:

    Love this guys work!

  6. Dylan Harding says:


  7. amber says:

    heart this brilliance

  8. Jwbalsley says:

    You inspired me to read Moby Dick, the language is like a brain massage

  9. Tim says:

    Nice line-work in this issue, reminds me of scrimshaw. My dad still has a whale jawbone he found on a beach in Tasmania, wouldn’t be able to take anything off a beach these days.

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