Maakies Gone Camping!

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8 Responses to Maakies Gone Camping!

  1. Paul Lukas says:

    Pretty sneaky putting the tug on the back of the truck!

  2. Lee says:

    Hey! What the hell is this!?
    Rhona gets a whiskey named after her and I get bupkis!?

  3. slappy snozzbottom says:

    I am a degenerate lush, and being so, I demand acknowledgement!! Being a drunk-ass, and being able to spell the huge word I just spelled ( ^ ), gives me pause unto how I feel praise should rightly be bestowed upon me…. let me think… I know. I should have a beetle named after me in a strip soon to be made! Slappy is a fine name, and I await seeing this great pleasure printed upon fine papyrus comedy strips in the future! Good day to you, Mr. Millionaire!! Dook-dook-dook!!

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