Marc Maron with fixed eyes.

Great interview of Me by Marc Maron. Listen and donate a few bucks to his project.
I find this to be the best interview of me ever made.

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11 Responses to Marc Maron with fixed eyes.

  1. soup says:

    Loved the interview!

    • TonyMillion says:

      I just listened to it. I loved it too!

      “The diamond that came from the coal of your broken heart was Drinky Crow.”
      –Marc Maron

  2. spleenal says:

    I’ve been a Maron fan for a few years and a fan of yours for a few years more. So this was great for me.
    If any cartoonist should really be a millionaire you should :) There’s an old saying that I’ve just made up “Show me a professional cartoonist and I’ll show you a man who’s wife works full time.”
    I think I’ve got all the Sock Monkey comics a film would be amazing.

    I need to go dig those comics out now.

  3. schlimmerkerl says:

    Nice drawings, by the way, in the latest issue of “Lucky Peach”.

  4. Greg says:

    What’s Marc Maron with broken eyes?

    Really enjoyed the interview, by the way.

    • TonyMillion says:

      I drew him with a weird wandering eye by accident. I fixed it in the original with a razor blade and a pen. Then I re-scanned it and sent it to him. He has the original on his wall.

    • TonyMillion says:

      I really liked doing that interview, I felt comfortable, especially when destroying my mother. I called her and told her not to listen to it. All those What The Fuck screams would have chased her away anyway.

  5. Chad White says:

    Hi Tony, I’m a fan of your work & Marc Maron’s, is there a way I could get a print of this? Thank you in advance. Chad White

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