The Most Perfect MAAKIES!

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15 Responses to The Most Perfect MAAKIES!

  1. Mike Arnold says:

    Damn, but yes. Feel nicely wistful about lost dogs & decay now. Maakies’ patent formula, thanks for that again, Tony.

  2. Ah, the faithful and tireless processed meat product. I’ll never forget the homesick corn dog that hobbled 3,000 miles cross-country on one leg to return to me. Six months on the open road but you really couldn’t taste the difference. Delicious!

  3. Mike Potter says:

    The big X looks like its over Happy Camp California.

    • TonyMillion says:

      YES! It is! Is that in a redwood forest? I wanted to go camping in the redwoods this summer, but getting a reservation is almost impossible if you’re a person like me who can’t do that kind of thing.

  4. Dr. O says:

    Great from top to bottom. The map is what makes it really special.

  5. Jeff B says:

    The same thing happened to me with a 40 oz. Miller…..

  6. DavidB says:

    Best minicomic. St. Peter got told.

  7. John M. says:

    For some reason, the second-to-last panel reminds me of an ex-girlfriend who called me from jail one time.

  8. Fart Monster says:

    Is this comic strip for sale? I don’t understand how things work now. On the old maakies dot com everything was a certain price and it said whether it was sold or not.

  9. DadaHyena says:

    Agreed. Best damned MAAKIES ever!…well, except for the one where Uncle Gabby got his butt sanded and spackled.

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