Muscular Maakies

Gabby is no “Dumb-bell.” Click to enlarge.

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11 Responses to Muscular Maakies

  1. Heinz Hempkin says:

    No flop panel for Unky Gabbs! DOING! …Seriously…

  2. jpdoucet says:

    If I used this method to bulk up, I will not be able to kick sand in the faces of beach bullies. Bring back Charles Atlas!

  3. smapdi says:

    Iyashu, you don’t fool me. You are clearly Paul Wilson. Fuck off!

  4. Brandt says:

    Hey, wait a minute! Where’s the fouled-anchor “tat” on Uncle Gabby’s deltoid? I want my verisimilitude!

  5. hey tony, could I get your opinion on some cartoons?

  6. marzipan kugel ober says:

    Was ist ein chiseled? Und in welch schöenes Land spielt diese Handlung? Mühle, Berg und Meer. Toll. Immer wieder.

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