Leather Crow by M. Otis Beard

This one is for sale.

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3 Responses to Leather Crow by M. Otis Beard

  1. M Otis Beard says:

    8.5″x11″, suitable for framing. $225

    I am also open to commissioned work if you have a favorite bit of art from Maakies or Tony Millionaire’s other wonderful projects.

    • Kevin says:

      That is extremely cool. It’s currently out of my price range. Are you selling mutliples of this, or is this a one of a kind? I might look into it in a few months.

  2. M Otis Beard says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I’ll be doing a number of panels, and yes, I might do this one again with some slight differences. If you have a favorite panel you’d like in leather, I can take a look and tell you if it’s doable or not.

    I can also do belts, book covers, and other items, but for anything that isn’t fine art I require payment in advance.

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