The hated Wilson is lurking under the name “Iyashu Q’gm’r.”

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18 Responses to The hated Wilson is lurking under the name “Iyashu Q’gm’r.”

  1. sheafo says:

    and why do we hate Wilson again?

    • Steve says:

      He’s a witch.

    • Iyashu Q'gm'r says:

      I will explain. Years ago, I wrote a critique to Mr. Millionaire stating that, while some of his strips were funny, some were patently offensive. He started giving me razz about it and after 3 tries, I decided that further debate was futile. Well, my later attempts to apologize were also futile.

      I even changed my code name and for a while, it succeeded, but somebody guessed the truth and the razzamatazz started all over agin. There is no appeasing this man !

    • TonyMillion says:

      He’s a fucking cunt.

  2. Dave S. says:

    Sheafo….SHHHHH!!!! You’re going to get Mr. Millionaire all wound-up again!!!!!!

  3. Zack Mieth says:

    Some people don’t like being criticized? :O


  4. Sounds to me like Paul Wilson is a classic scape goat. That is, he is the visible goat that we get to watch as it gets abused. Meanwhile, the not-so-visible goats are happily munching the trash scattered across Mr. Millionaire’s mind scape.

    …Uh oh, am I drawing fire?

  5. tomaso says:

    Iyashu Q’gm’r and Dan van Riper make me feel angry and irritable.
    All of this “wilson business” is real hard to cotton to…

    Don’t like the strip, why don’t ye keep yer yap shut?

    • TonyMillion says:

      He is a turd that someone fucked.

    • But I like the strip. Tony made my wife laugh when she was having chemotherapy. It was a strange hucking sound… but definitely a laugh.

      • TonyMillion says:

        That is so sweet!

        • Well, see, she had a lumpectomy, they drilled a hole in her right breast, and they pulled all the lymph nodes out of her right armpit. They weren’t supposed to start the chemo until she had stopped oozing lymph out of her armpit, but they started anyway.

          So she was barely sitting upright at the kitchen table, moaning about how the chemo and the doctor’s drugs had given her wicked constipation, and how the pus wouldn’t stop running out of her armpit. Suddenly I understood.

          I fetched the Maakies book (the first one, I think it is) out of the pile of comic books next to the bed and found one particular strip. In this episode, after some of the usual spectacular pointless violence for which Tony Millionaire is known and admired for, there are two final panels that had never quite made sense to me. Drinky Crow visits Gabby, who is all bandaged up in a hospital bed (this is from memory):

          Drinky Crow: How are you Uncle Gabby?

          Uncle Gabby: Well, my asshole closed up from the scar tissue, but ever since the doctors cut a hole in my armpit I’ve been shitting just fine from up here!

          I read this to my wife, it took a moment to sink in, and she started hucking, slowly at first, then huck huck huck so hard I thought she would fall out of the chair. I’d never heard that sound out of her and I don’t expect to hear it again. But it was laughter alright.

          Well, now I understand those last two panels. Since then I’ve wondered, Mr. Millionaire, if you had heard Gabby’s line from some real life person who was in a similar situation as my wife.

          BTW, she’s doing fine. 2011 was a lousy year for her, being stabbed and poisoned and irradiated like that. But last year, among other things, she ran a triathlon. And she didn’t come in last.

          So thanks for making her laugh. She needed it.

  6. NotWilson says:

    Tony – Looking for a strip you may (or may not) recall… I emailed you about it, but you didn’t reply? Or maybe my webmail has wisely blocked your url… Anyhow it is a dictionary’s worth of philosophy, distilled down to one strip… Drinky Crow and Uncle on the ship, just joining battle with the enemy.. Drinky says to Gabby, why are you never afraid? Gabby says simple… I’ve been in dozens of battles, and never been killed.. as a cannonball neatly takes his head off. Brilliant.

  7. ScrappyBeast says:

    What kind of person uses the word ‘razzamatazz’ (hopefully the kind that brakes his neck trying to give himself oral sex)?

  8. toms outlet says:

    I bet you’re right about kitties and birdies not mixing! FĂ©nix attacks everything, even wall corners. =P Maybe you could have a strictly house kitty?

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