maak ice cubes

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15 Responses to ICE CUBES MAAKIES

  1. Daniel Werneck says:

    I love him too :~

  2. Darren says:

    The Capn’s daughter looks so dreamy.
    And, Drinky Crow is so introspective and poetic.
    I fully expected the end panel to include big barfing.
    Well done!

    • The panel brought to my mind a scene… perhaps with Drinkey Crow conversing with Tippi Hedren…. in a diner with Rod Taylor behind the counter….witnessing a flow of gasoline toward a discarded cigarette….aaahhhh and the glorious din of seagulls with tinkling ice…

  3. Jeff B says:

    How can I get that same effect drinking a mug of Pabst?

  4. Steve says:

    Drinky sure spills a lot of booze for a dedicated alcoholic.

    Also, Maakies doesn’t have enough Gin, which is really the best spirit.

  5. Jwbalsley says:

    Those old Nantucket pubs sure seem like a cozy place to get annihilated

  6. david destin says:

    i was just thinking about the whole “eat like a bird” saying and how reality is the opposite, and now I seen it in print!! out of my hed, Tony! I will NOT be held responsible for wot you find…..

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