Scary Ann-Louise from the new Sock Monkey book.

Ann-Louise in the attic

11″ x 14″ bristol board, ink
Click to see it larger

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10 Responses to Scary Ann-Louise from the new Sock Monkey book.

  1. Zack says:

    You should edit out the dick. Or whatever that protruding looking thing is. Unless you were going for that… Eeeh…

    Otherwise, yeah, it’s great.

  2. John M. says:

    “Don’t ever edit out the dick.”

    –Garrison Kiellor

  3. Efendim says:

    “Sometimes a rocking-horse runner is just a rocking-horse runner”
    - Sigmund Freud

  4. TonyMillion says:

    Yeah… the rocking horse runner may have to go. When too many people talk about the cigar, sometimes it’s not just a cigar.

    • SF says:

      For what it’s worth (which may be nothing) I encourage you to keep it. This read right away to me as “little girl perceiving her rocking horse in the dark of night as a monster in the corner”. If that’s the story you’re trying to tell here, then as usual you’ve nailed it with a single panel, and the runner helps make it spot-on. If you must make a modification, maybe just lighten up the crosshatching a little in the square between the rocking-beast’s underside, the inside of its leg and the top of the runner, to clarify the runner’s not emerging from some lower torso? Or maybe adjust the beast’s perspective very slightly, so the protrusion of the second runner’s a little visible as well? Then again, what the hell do I know, the most I can draw’s a cocktail up through its straw. I’m pretty damn good at that, though.

  5. Tristan Yuhas says:

    You should make this for sale!

  6. Catherine M says:

    I saw this, and didn’t see a penis here at ALL, and really had to look for it- if it was a real horse, the penis would not be this far forwards anyway- and it looks nothing like any penis I have ever seen -not that I have seen that many.
    But, I do know a lot about Victorian rocking horses, and was googling ”large rocking horse found in attic” when I saw your image. Some of the best and scariest rocking horses were found in attics- the truly gruesome are the skin covered ones, but the classics, and the ones I love and buy are the dappled wooden ones which have wild eyes and gnashing teeth- there are modern dealers in rocking horses who say things like ”He has a lovely friendly face”- stuff that! a rocking horse should have the look of ferocity about it, and not be a bland over restored object. And if the seller uses the word ”cute”- then that is the kiss of death to any self respecting victorian rocking horse. I must say, your horse doesn’t look equine- more canine, but I definitely get the ”message” of the illustration.

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