maakies full tattoo
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  1. itza says:

    What the heck?! Rest easy, dear sir!

  2. John M. says:

    That’s terrible! Speedy recovery!

    • TonyMillion says:

      It fell off today. I put it in a bag of ice and went to the emergency room. The doctors were not happy.

      • John M. says:

        Fuck! I wish I could send you MY right index finger. I’ll send some index finger energy.

        I don’t know if that worked, but it was all I had.

  3. Brandt says:

    Friggin’ awful on that accident, Mate! Don’t forget your leafy greens and Linus-Pauling-sized doses o’ the old ascorbic acid. Crimaniddlees!

  4. jpdoucet says:

    Gee Tony you have my sympathy! Having almost torn off the end of my left middle finger in a freak shopping cart mishap (I won’t call it an accident because I should’ve been paying more attention) a few years back. Fingernail torn out at the root. Could see the bone tip. GAAAA! EXTREMELY PAINFUL! Luckily there was a good doctor in the ER that day and he patched up the mangled mess as well as possible. For weeks it felt like the finger was being constantly whacked with a hammer. Any sudden jarring movements – hammers… Hope it ain’t that bad for you. Whatever you do, don’t swing that hand around, it smacks into something you’ll know it!

    Heal up soon.

  5. NMmatt says:

    Christ almighty take care of your drawing digits man! We can probably find you a liver, but if you lose your finger, what will the masses do for entertainment?!?

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