“GREENBERG” -in- “KEEP ON with the TRUCKIN””!

maakies greenberg

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9 Responses to “GREENBERG” -in- “KEEP ON with the TRUCKIN””!

  1. Biff says:

    I’m surprised that Drinky Crow was even able to make it to the office on his gin-”enhanced” sea legs.

    Or does the sauce help the sailor walk on dry land?

    • Kevin says:

      I think with everything swaying from the gin, Drinky is probably much more used to that from the sea, so he needs it to be stable on land. Drinky is in a state of landsickness.

  2. Brandt says:

    Cut to “Drinks Buddy” laid up a hospital bed, on Wachtel’s dime, with th’ Gabster bringin’ him the No. 1 jug. Trombone: Wa-wa…

  3. Luke says:

    Both jokes of excellent quality. You can never go wrong with mysoginy.
    I’ve been wondering why these strips give off an old timey vibe. It can’t just be because of the black and white aspect. Because the backgrounds are so detailed while the characters are fairly simple? I wonder …

  4. Zack Mieth says:

    Ah, we finally see Wachtel.

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