Drinky Crow’s FAST FIST!

maakies fist fast
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11 Responses to Drinky Crow’s FAST FIST!

  1. Todd Alcott says:

    See, now theoretically Flash can do this all the time.

  2. TonyMillion says:

    Yes, but Flash could get back out.

  3. gruff says:

    his fist is made of feathers

  4. Brandt says:

    So now they’re physically joined… Drinky’ll have to watch the movie that Gabby wants to see. Gabby will literally be dragging him in there. Hoy!

  5. Jeff says:

    Just think if Gabby had dared Drinky to kick him in the nuts….

  6. Luke says:

    Now they’ll HAVE to make out …

  7. Ricky King says:

    We’ve all been there right?! Top and bottom strip!

  8. jwbalsley says:

    Hell of a thing being a sailor

    I love Drinky Crow’s hands in panel 1

  9. Steeeeve says:

    Just to be sure, I confirmed this with wikipedia. Crows do not have fists.

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