Drinky Crow DRUMSTICK!

maakies drumstick
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11 Responses to Drinky Crow DRUMSTICK!

  1. Jeff says:

    I want to post a copy of this at the fair by the turkey leg stand

  2. Alan says:

    “SW” = “skinny white”

    this is so true. I prefer thighs instead.

  3. Brandt says:

    Dig that chicken! He’s going to patch himself up and rest a while. Then, with a wooden leg in place, he’ll run the numbers game in Happy Valley.

  4. Stodge Rimperton says:

    Drumsticks are bogus! Kids like them because they think it’s a lolipop, till they get a mouthful of hamstring.

  5. MRNUTTY says:

    Tony when will you do more skits a la’ Zememe, I blew my spleen out my nose of during the skits. please do more!

  6. Random Interloper says:

    Bone Musket is an excellent porn name.

  7. DadaHyena says:

    You forgot the tiny slivers of bone that somehow show up inside the meat. When you expect a mouthful of tender chicken, you end up biting on that itty bitty bone shred and cutting yourself or choking.

    Get with the program, you asshole chickens!

  8. schlimmerkerl says:

    Yes! Exactly as described. Existential hatred of the drumstick!

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