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6 Responses to THIS IS IT!!!!!! NEW MAAKIES!

  1. Prettyugly says:

    That bottom one is fucking funny

  2. Redharmony says:

    Probably Carla Bruni sent it, but you can’t rule out Samuel Beckett.

  3. pork says:

    screw the book. who’s the hottie with the new tattoo? :)

  4. Drew Wingate says:

    YEEEEEEEEEES!!!! f%$# it. I’m going TOMORROW to get started on the other arm. I saw this picture you did of where the wild things are and I think I want that. OR!!! oh my god, or one of the pictures of the beginning of chapter 3 in sock monkey.

  5. Victim Victor says:

    I haven’t seen any new Maakies in about a month now. Now, a while back, Mr.Millionaire tweeked the concept with a strip where a senile uncle Gabby and an elderly but still functional Drinky are heading to an old folks home. He made the statement that it was the final strip. He allowed the impact to register, and then revealed it was a hoax. I was never fooled.

    Right now, it seems to be true. I wonder where Mr.Millionaire is posting now. Anybody know ?

    • luckydog says:

      Yes VV, I’m worried might be going the same way as Kaz’s website. Taking my cue from Brandt’s post I searched and eventually found some new stuff on, the most recent is a beautiful illustration of that interview he did recently with Marc Maron, check him out!

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