Strange Tales MARVEL

Well, the new TPB Strange Tales┬áis out and it’s much better than the hardcover because MY ART IS NOT CROPPED like it was in the hardcover. That rankled my balls I can tell you, printing is a tough business, but if you’re cross-eyed maybe you should try farming or one-eyed photography. This new TPB is top ‘o’ th’ line! I have a 6 page Iron Man in there, “Iron” fights Baloney-Head!!!!

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  1. vollsticks says:

    I love Maakies and Billy Hazelnuts but I was really disappointed with that Iron Man story. The best thing about it is the drawing of the huge Eisenhower head! And have you forgotten how to draw hands?!? I’ve never seen such mangled looking digits! I think it was a bit of a joke to you, wasn’t it? Not that I give a damn about super-heroes (apart from maybe Batman–your take on which was actually really fuckin’ good!) but you took that Marvel money and turned in the worst piece of poo imaginable! But it’s your prerogative, of course…it’s just disheartening as a fan of your work to see something which looks as if you hacked it out in ten minutes. You’re capable of so much better. I’ve never ranted at a cartoonist like this before but it kind of pissed me off so much that I had to, I saw the link on the FLOG! blog to your new site, so…here I am being a pain in the arse. Or not. I really do love your comics, too. 99% of them…I wish you all the best.

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