maak scab funny one
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8 Responses to PORK SCAB TREE

  1. Random Interloper says:

    You know what goes perfect with scabs? Scabies.

  2. Afraid of Repercussions says:

    Tony, I got a coworker that works on big airliners. Me too. This guy is a Freemason, a Kentucky Colonel, and he dresses like a wildman with a dead coyote on his head. Carries a musket and drinks moonshine. Anyway, one of his other pastimes is that he makes good quality anatomically-correct sock monkeys as gifts for people. This is not bullshit. It is all true. (It is true even when I am sober.) So, whaddya wanna trade for one? Anything…..?

  3. Saw it in the Chronicle says:

    I dont know what a pork scab is or if they exist but this cartoon disgusted me.
    Pointless dribble. Especially the second pane depicting the heavily chained live pig screaming while a monkey stabs it then proceeds to take a nap.

  4. Justin says:

    Clever! Why has nobody thought up a Pork Scab Christmas Tree Garnish before now?

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