Ships of Placenta99
Click to enlarge (good jokes!)

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4 Responses to NEW SHIPPY MAAKIES!!!!!!

  1. Todd Alcott says:

    And the ship is a kind of placental sac for the monkey and the crow, one that they need never leave. The ship is their womb, where they dream lives of adventure and don’t have to deal with the constraints and demands of society. Very clever, Millionaire, very clever.

    For that matter, the man who draws ancient ships in his garage in Pasadena, caught up in the romance of their riggings and their masts and their air of times gone by, also seeks the quiet and security of the ship-as-womb, where the pressures of modernity will never reach him.

  2. DanySLD says:

    Fuck Wilson

    • TonyMillion says:

      That is not Wilson, that is the operatic and philosophical Todd Alcott, A great man! He is a writer, once he was walking around the house, sitting, lying down, pacing. His wife said, “Maybe you should get to work.” He said, “I AM WORKING!”

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