Planet-eating worm

Planet-eating worm

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5 Responses to Planet-eating worm

  1. VictimVictor says:

    In re: H.P.Lovecraft’s doels !

  2. Jeff says:

    was thinking the same thing Victor. You should try your hand at Lovecraft illustration Tony

  3. DanySLD says:

    “a stinking smoldering ball of gaseous shit” George Carlin

  4. Casey B says:

    When you do these wormy or teethy mouth delirium tremens in your art or strips they remind me of a childrens book I saw when I was a kid in the late 70s. I can’t remember the name of any of them but they were very dark in context. I remember two cats and one was clawing the other one in half. It was like an animal book for children that was quite disturbing in its existentialism. I wish I could remember the name of these books. They were mostly pictures and very little text describing the image/animals.

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