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7 Responses to GUILLOTINE

  1. Fleces says:

    Alas, an explanation for the absence. Do you not know the gun is staved from my mouth every Wednesday with a trip to this site? I feared you were dead.

    I rejoice in your return, as do many others… now, off with his head!

  2. Tom says:

    This takes me back to my pretentious college days, when I’d read The Comics’ Journal and quietly condemn 90% of comics as useless drivel while employing recently developed cognitive dissonance to exalt the remaining 10% to the level of HIGH ART.

    lol. I was fuckin retarded.

    Solid work, as always, Tony. What’ve you been up to in the last– almost decade?

    …shit, I’m gettin’ old.

    • TonyMillion says:

      I’ve been producing useful drivel. Not High Art yet, but very good drivel.

      • Tom says:

        Glad to hear it.

        fyi, you gotta approve comments for anyone other than you to read them. Otherwise people just see your phantom responses.

        There must be a way to remove the approval process, as well, but that’s assuming WordPress is flexible.

  3. TonyMillion says:

    Thanks for telling me. Who knew?

  4. Saturday nite drive-in at Don Ciccone’s (a Ciccone Ciccone) featured “Two on a Guillotine” (Two L’s on this print) Which direction do I turn???

  5. Paul Wilson says:

    The story of the world in the viewpoint of those executed for being individuals.

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