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6 Responses to BEAVER

  1. John M. says:

    If you’re going to have Bieber in a comic, couldn’t you at least have him being tortured or killed or at least give him some kind of venereal disease?

  2. Tony Millionaire says:

    Ja, genau!!

  3. The last panel should have said “Gee, I thought the Beaver got killed in Viet Nam.”

    Anyway, waddup with the cookies in the border trim? Drinky Crow cookies no less. If that is your next merchandising tie-in I will take a one-lb. bag once I find someone to try them out on first to make sure they are not made from what Gabby or Drinky would normally make cookies like crotch cheese, tw*t scrapings and pre-Columbian Aztec boogers.

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