New Maakies INGROWN

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18 Responses to New Maakies INGROWN

  1. Laurent says:

    Yummy !

  2. You can actually feel his relief when reading this! I love picking stuff on my body as well!

    • Katey says:

      Maakies skin picking support group?

      This comic resonates with me because I know how accomplished it feels to extract an errant hair form your own body- even if you must dig and poke like a junkie to do so.

  3. Ted Rall from Turdsville says:

    You’ll be hearing from my lawyers about your little fantasy about killing me! My foot will be on your throat! Right after I get done showing Matt Bors what an “Afghan Enema” is!

    • Tom says:

      this is funny?

      • Non-Funny Explainer says:

        Maybe not. But, about ten years ago, Ted Rall sued Danny Hellman for slander, because of some dumb e-mail prank Hellman pulled on Rall. Rall then bragged in an interview that he had his “foot on Hellman’s throat.” And generallacted like an asshole, which many people interpreted as Rall (who can’t draw for shit) being jealous of Hellman (an extremely talented illustrator.))
        So that explains the reference, except for the “Afghan Enema” part.

  4. Tom says:

    I think it’s really amazing that he performs minor surgery on himself. When that happens to me I just soak it in water (take a bath) and scratch it until I dig through all the skin and the puss starts flowing.



    This is one of those things everyone deals with. But is really gross. So it frightens the reader’s sensibilities. But then the follicle speaks and completely disarms the grodiness (how is that not a word yet? it’s been around since the 80s) of the situation. Turning it into comedy.

    Like a comic about anal rape with the set up “OMG PLZ STOP, OMG OMG YOU”RE PURE EVIL STOPS TOP STOP” and the punchline “whatta tightass”.



  5. Neil McAllister says:

    I just wish there was still a way to read the current strip. Blogs are nice and all, but some of us live in an area where the local papers don’t carry Maakies. I liked it when it was easy to read it on the Web; now I have to go digging to figure out which one is the latest. Result: I don’t read Maakies as much as I used to.

  6. TonyMillion says:

    New strip every Tuesday.

  7. Bp says:

    What size do you draw your original strips in? Is it 14 1/2 X 5? I like to do drawerings too and am still trying to figure out the craft…

    If I owned a paper I’d put Maakies in it.

  8. One should never eat kimchi while reading your comics

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