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Today was the hottest day in Pasadena since they started keeping track in 1877. It got up to 113 degrees. We just turned on all the air conditioners and laid around all day. I took our dog Whitney into the front yard for 5 minutes and she ran next door and took a giant shit the size of a large tube of toothpaste. It was so hot that a hundred green flies immediately swarmed onto it. I had to pick it up with a plastic bag. There were so many fat green flies crawling on it that you could not see the shit. The bag was not sufficient for the job, and the heat made the stink overwhelming. I had to go home and fill a watering can with water and rinse the spot, which was once again covered with a layer of buzzing flies.

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  1. Inquiring Minds says:

    Crest or Ipana?

  2. Jeff Flowers says:

    Here in N.E. Florida, we had over fifty consectutive 90+ degree days this summer. I’m still surprised we had no issues with rolling blackouts and the like.

  3. Meg says:

    Thank god my household duties do not involve crap anymore now that the kids are all out of diapers. Some unusual thing has to happen for me to deal with that from pets or children. I liked the toothpaste comparison. Also, it was very neighborly of you to rinse the scene of the crime.
    Last summer in Austin we had 60(?) consecutive days of 100+ weather, no rain. A lot of trees died, it was terrible. I could compare it to being snowed in, but at least with cold weather you can put extra clothes on and go out.

  4. CapnMarrrrk says:

    Be glad you don’t have a Great Dane. We were fostering one and his turds were so huge I was nearly vomiting every time I had to pick it up.

    • TonyMillion says:

      My dog’s poos are cute and warm. It’s horrifying to accidentally pick up another dog’s cold poo, like at the dog park. It’s nauseating.

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