I WILL BE AT APE this Sat & Sun

I’m signing books Sat&Sun afternoons at Fantagraphics booth, plus this:

APE 2010 Programming


5:00-6:00 Spotlight on Tony Millionaire—APE special guest Tony Millionaire, the mad genius behind Sock Monkey, Maakies, and Drinky Crow, talks with fellow APE special guest Renée French about his career in comics and his wild life. Here’s a hint: Tony will be the one in the fancy tuxedo. The guy will really class up the joint.

6:00-7:00 Spotlight on Renée French—A conversation between APE special guest Renée French and publisher/comics historian Dan Nadel about Renée’s new book, H Day. How does a cartoonist translate something as abstract as a migraine into the concrete form of a book? And why? Renée will talk about this challenge, her drawing process, and will briefly look back at her extraordinary career.

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4 Responses to I WILL BE AT APE this Sat & Sun

  1. David Franks says:

    Tuxedo!? You should wear an ape suit.

  2. TonyMillion says:

    Thanks to everyone who helped me, paid my bills, hosted me; I only hope my excellent entertainment in all venues, stages, hallways, elevators and Dan and Erika’s living room was adequate payback. APE is the only comics convention worth seeing if you love real comics. Amazing.

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