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16 Responses to OCT 12 MAAKIES

  1. John M. says:

    Boner pox!

    This made me sort of nauseated, but in an enjoyable way.

  2. Disturbingly beautiful and funny!

  3. TonyMillion says:

    My wife Becky wrote this one.

    • Goofy Gorilla says:

      One wonders why “smallpox” was enveloped in quotes rather than “picnic,” as “picnic” seems more like colloquialism. Perhaps this is the Joke of the first panel! I will ponder this no doubt until next week– no one can claim this is an unintellectual comic.

  4. Smallpox is in quotes because of the largeness of the pox depicted. Quotation marks have a number of uses–one common use of quotation marks is to call attention to irony.

    I enjoy looking at this comic from far away, the pattern is quite pleasing.

    • TonyMillion says:

      Yes, the shapes all flow to the mouth at the end. A river with punctuation. That’s art school shit, good stuff.

      • John M. says:

        I remember reading somewhere that the Aztecs, when a lot of them were dying of smallpox, were confused at the name of the disease and instead called it “large pox.” Art from the time shows Indians with huge blotches deforming their features. I don’t know whether the Spanish actually called it smallpox, or how the translation from Spanish to Aztec language occurred, so the story might be apocryphal (apoxryphal?), or I might be misremembering it. I remember the drawing of the huge pox though.

      • Art school shit? Its “positively” MC Escher-ish.

        • Ah, it puts me in mind of all that weaponized smallpox virus that the Soviets built up…..where is it, did they dispose of it and how? And also, just how COULD one make smallpox more virulent? Maybe it is something like making the doberman, you are trying to make, say, the first 90 poound terrier, a completely new kind of guard dog. What could one possibly do to weaponize smallpox? Such as to make the little erections come out? At first I thought they were worms, “parasite rex.” Maybe the weaponized smallpox has, included, the DNA of a small worm which jumps out of the pox all at once. Tony may not be the victim of alcoholism — rather, he is the victim of psychic experiments in the neo-Soviet Union.

          • Goofy Gorilla says:

            You sound pretty drunk right now yourself.

            Wait…are you and Mr. Richardson the same person!?

  5. a. I am stone cold sober. I don’t drink or smoke pot. thank God.
    b. Tony is a “different” person.


  7. RubberCrutch says:

    I think the weaponization of things like smallpox and anthrax relates more to the reliability of the delivery system than to the virulence itself. While in a laboratory some years ago I was shown a nonactive “simulant” of weaponized anthrax spores in a vial. The stuff was pulverized so finely that a small amount would hang in the vial almost indefinitely, like smoke. Supposedly very effective for airborne “applications.”

  8. Anthrax is a bacteria that can form spores; Smallpox, a virus. if you look at the wiki at this you will see that the weaponization of smallpox in the SU may have involved genetic engineering to resist vaccines. The same can probably be said for Anthrax, even just using a particular strain, more virulent than the next, constitutes breeding and is a form of genetic manipulation. Dispersal is the second part of this, the delivery system, as you say. Robert Preston talks about this, I believe, in “The Demon in the Freezer” (about smallpox eradication and more), and covers it more in depth in “Crisis in the Hot Zone” and “Cobra Event.”

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