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13 Responses to THE NEW MAAKIES

  1. It’s true, if you believe in yourself and try hard enough, you can do anything!


    It also reminds me of one of my friends who is also “Drinky”.

  3. John M. says:

    As one of my good drinking friends said years ago at five in the morning, “I guess you CAN get drunk on beer.”

  4. Does Drinky pop pills too?

  5. TonyMillion says:

    No, I do.

  6. Nic Farra says:

    Used to think I could handle my piss well, until I tried Elephant beer. Woke up naked on the lawn, sunburnt and the shadows of evening growing long. Not sure if the landlady had been around. As I wasn’t evicted for being comatose and naked I s’pose she wasn’t.

  7. TonyMillion says:

    Booze is a tricky thing. I’m about to transform.

  8. Rich Backlash says:

    Hello Tony Millionaire. I’ve just discovered your site through channelATE. I like the humour but I hate the drawing, or rather I hate that JPEG makes it all kind of blurry and stuff. Please save it as PNG, it’s lossless (so the drawing will remain as sharp as its humour) and the file will probably be smaller too so… Thank you very much.

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