A guy told me that the png would be clearer than the jpg so let’s see if he’s full of shit or wise.

See, he’s full of shit! I’ll try it at a higher resolution.

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2 Responses to THIS IS THE PNG

  1. D says:

    TONY the PNG file was fantastic don’t people bully you around! ( i’m drunk emailing, before this i was drunk face booking)

  2. hans says:

    PNG ist good for graphics and has the feature of alpha channels. This Format is supported by many apps and is the best for your Maakies strips. It is also possible to reduce file size using 256, 128 or less colors in a image file (for example Maakies: 16 colors are quite enough for webpublishing, 256 or more for print publishing). JPEG is excellent for photos and illustrations with thousands of color nuances like some of your record covers. But with JPEGs you have to take care with compression. The more you compress the more you loose quality (and file size).

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