SHIT!!!!! The guy was right! Unfortunately you can see all the drunkenness of my drawing pen!!!!

That asshole Rich Backlash has revealed my faults. I guess I have to sober up….

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10 Responses to PNG MAGIC

  1. John M. says:

    Maybe it’s my work monitor but, from my end, this one looks crappier than the original and the first “PNG” one you posted.

    • Jeff Flowers says:

      JOHN: That was my first thought too, as it looked like crap in Firefox, but then I downloaded it and opened it in a proper image viewer, and it looked great.

      TONY: As for PNG vs JPG, I don’t think it is worth worrying about for online posting on your site, but it might be a good idea to keep your original scans in a lossless format (png or tiff) for archival purposes.

      • TonyMillion says:

        I save them as hi-res tiffs and I email them to Fantagraphics. I also use Carbonite.
        But I think I will keep posting them as JPGs. Sorry boys, you gotta wait for the books if you want detail.

  2. Much better, I like how you can zoom in too so a drawing nerd like myself can look at all the texture of the paper and ink magicness!

  3. Ryan says:

    Mr. Backlash left a similar comment on my site, but I thought it was just clever, personalized spam. Guess I will give it a try.

  4. Getch says:

    You could go either way – jpg/png. Just – Save for web and devices – from Photoshop or Illustrator so it’s optimized for the web and resize in that menu, never in your html.

    love the drunkenness of your drawing pen

  5. Rich Backlash says:

    Would a bot choose a nickname as awesome as Rich Backlash really?

    Anyway, I didn’t know you actually scanned(?) your comics. In that case… hmm, depends on the original scan and how you resize them really. I’m a bit surprised of how pixellated the hi-res version looks, I’d thought you’d scan them in grayscale rather than black-and-white. But anyway, I posted the first comment because I like your style and that format didn’t do it justice.

    Since then, I’ve taken a look at your archives and found that: 1- they’re GIF, so they should be as crisp as PNG, even if the file is bigger. 2- I should systematically click on the “Full size” link, because browser-resizing sucks.


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