Billy Ruane died.

Boston Phoenix article

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  1. Jen Diamond says:

    How terribly sad. Boston will be lacking some exuberance. He was like a loud silent movie star with his over the top dancing and bursts of genius. I was just talking about him the other day.
    I love your video post. You, your wig and your accordion are adorable. I especially love that Billy mentions our other dear departed friend Barry Brown on his roller skates.

    Stay living Tony. I want to run into you again some random night in New York.

  2. Whos Billy Sir. From Michael Guerrieri

  3. S. says:

    Billy. Impresario extraordinaire. Passionate about music until the very end. Thousands in Boston are in mourning. He’s the guy w/necktie at 0:33 in the clip. Google his name to read much more.

    Condolences to Tony & thanks for posting the video. Hope I am not out of line for answering Michael’s question.

  4. Are going to pay tribut to billy in your comic

  5. Are you still working on the edgar alan poe thing

  6. JLK says:

    That’s awful. He was pretty young too. Judging from the articles, it sounds like he was remarkable, vivacious and troubled too. All the best people are. I’m sorry you lost your friend.

  7. I was on reading dreamland. A Poetry by edgar alan poe could take look after your busy.

  8. I want to watch saw 3d and see if its anygood for parody

    • S. says:

      Michael, I admit I’m confused about what this comment has to do with the topic of Billy Ruane. Am heading to his memorial gathering tonight and will be thinking of the good times with Billy & Tony way back when Tony lived in Boston. Billy affected a lot of people’s lives, just as Tony does with his art.

      It is lovely that Tony talks to his fans on this here blog.

      • TonyMillion says:

        Michael G has a lot to say about Poe and many other topics. He may be right about doing a pilot for a show starring EA Poe. It is Ruane-ish

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