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32 Responses to HYBRID MAAKIES!!!!

  1. I’d hate to see what it’d pupate into.

  2. Ha ha, “Real Faries”!

    What fun!

  3. Paul Wilson says:

    As usual, gross. I have had difficulty in finding a Maakie that I’d like to see repeatedly.
    I’m sorry, but – you’ve changed !

  4. Ricky says:

    I loves me some maakies, I really do, but when are we gettin’ some more Sock Monkey?!

    • TonyMillion says:

      I am working on something now.

      • John M. says:

        Are you aware of the fake “Sock Monkey” children’s books by Cece Bell? A couple of people have given these to my daughter.
        They look kind of like they were drawn with a hammer with library paste and scrapbooking fragements on it.
        “Sock Monkey Takes a Bath,” “Sock Monkey Kisses a Girl,” etc.
        The character in theses books is a “famous toy actor” and has various lame criseslike he doesn;t want to bathe but has to in order to go to an awards ceremony.
        Kind of cute but I can’t help but be irritated by the celebrety-culture type of crap involved.

  5. I bet that thing would have laid eggs under your skin too!

  6. JLK says:

    I love Dr. Gabby’s laboratory and the old-timey surgical reflectors. I wonder what the “Gabby Fairy” would bring us if it had lived? Where did you get the idea that we can create fairies with cervical scrapings and larvae? Inspired.

  7. that1guy says:

    Classic Drinky & Gabby…always love these! Thanks!

  8. Tom says:

    Quit dickin around and buy some genuine Tony Millionaire artwork for the upcoming holidays! I bought one, you can too! Really it is not that much beer money, if you think about it. Not at the rate you drink!

  9. JLK says:

    Mike Silverman?

  10. JLK says:

    Yes..I think! Sorry Tony, my husband wondered if That 1 Guy that comments on your site is the same That 1 Guy (Mike Silverman) that has his albums produced by Righteous Babe Records. Just wanted to see if I could have an answer for him over breakfast. He’s a fan of That 1 Guy, I’m a fan of yours. Not important.

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