THIS WEEK’S MAAKIES…click to enlarge

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7 Responses to THIS WEEK’S MAAKIES…click to enlarge

  1. Todd Alcott says:

    Yet another fear to stoke me — plants that want to poke out my eyes.

  2. Ricky says:

    I don;t think I’ve ever seen that guy with his glasses off before this. Weird!

  3. Ouch! But it was but as Ricky said it was neat seeing him without glasses.

    Like the chopstick bit as well!

  4. Paul MacDonald says:

    Seriously Tony ,i went looking for your stuff, at the Barnes and Noble in King of prussia ,that and something by Kim Deitch no luck, nada! before that I looked at the Barnes and Noble in Baltimore the one on the waterfront by the Hard rock, and same thing ! Did you piss messers B and N off? get your manager on it!!!2 sales lost! thank fully we have amazon and Fantagraphics !!

    • TonyMillion says:

      I know, it’s frustrating. Check a real comics shop or get the books online. Going to Barnes and Noble isn’t really helping the books market, you might as well go to Walmart.

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