Dr. Terrence Ross, poet, IQ 147

“Woe of Cartoons”

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24 Responses to Dr. Terrence Ross, poet, IQ 147

  1. John M. says:

    Please do not make the characters sober. Jesus. I know this Ross guy is an old friend of yours, and I am nobody, but really, that is the worst, stupidest, most horrible thing anyone could do to your wonderful cartoon. While you are at it, why don’t you make them Christians or Muslims and depict their struggle to remain true to the teachings of Christ or Muhammed in a fallen world? That would be just as great. On the other hand, if you made your comic about the stuggle for sobriety, then you could finally get on Oprah. She loves that kind of shit. You could make Drinky Crow a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, too! Let’s celebrate the recovering victims and addicts all around us! And end every comic in a big HUG!

    Struggle for sobriety. What the fuck. I hope he is kidding.

    • TonyMillion says:

      My strip is about the struggle for drunkenness. Like a potato bug squirming under the earth, the constant, never-ending scratch towards the booze.

    • Goofy Gorilla says:

      Don’t dismiss the work of Dr. Ross; his IQ is 147. Shame though. Two more points and his IQ could have been prime. Perhaps with a strict diet of fish and a regimen of “brain-teasers,” Dr. Ross can make his IQ indivisible! Except by itself and one, of course.

    • Tony is really a lot funnier when he has a hangover than when drunk. When he is drunk you have to “watch your 20.” He might hit you at any time, though the punch won’t hurt because he has to be careful with his “brushes.”

  2. John M. says:

    Well, sorry to get so irate. I was responding to the first post in the “Woe” blog, which I see now was over a year ago and no sober Maakies yet. So that’s good. It’s just that the thought of sober Maakies was too much to take at the time, right after I had arrived at work. My guard was down. There’s so little out in the world that I really love, and thinking about reading strips about a struggle with staying sober… God.

  3. TonyMillion says:

    What is Pingback?

  4. I had to fuck my high school teacher to get my IQ scores. Its ok, she was hot.


    If you read the most recent posts on woe of cartoons, you will see that Maakies, thought it is supposedly about “drunkeness” is actually DERIVED from a mushroom trip. I feel that this is sadly a missing aspect of Maakies, which I had been trying to get Tony to engage. Also, it doesn’t have to be about sobriety, just be realistic about drinking. There is no way anyone could just drink that much, they always go for the drugs. Drugs are drinking vitamins! Where are the maakies drugs! you will enlist the rage of the Mushroom spirits, Mr. Millionsaire!

    And you are going to meetings and you think of those people as sad sacks??? You told me you liked the meetings!

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